Up and Running!


Hello and Namaste from UX Machina!


Pursuing our Masters in Interaction Design at National Institute of Design, we are four swashbucklers ready to unleash our design-ridden minds on some of the world’s most unsolvable problems!

And we are:

Abhishek Umrao – An ardent gamer who is married to football. Wanderlust, technology and business are his bottomless cups of teas that he vehemently consumes.

Ankit Kant – Some say his beard is the source of his masterful sorcery when it comes to connecting dots across various domains. Some say his love for cars, films and sports transcends all other emotions. Others say his superior ninja skills yield impactful solutions when most others would not even see the possibilities. All we know is he’s pretty big!

Rohan Claude D’Souza – Budding phonometrician, book-wormicelli, avid semi-gastronomist, cinemaniac, information-junkie. On an eternal quest to make sense out of chaos.

Shashank Balaji –  A god of multi-tasking. Forever delving into engaging head-on with human problems. Also, a technology and electronics enthusiast, preaches at the church of Apple.


Up and Running!

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