Mini Challenge 2 -The Problem Space

As older people retire from their working lives, there is an abrupt change to their daily routine which leads to long hours of inactivity resulting in boredom. The unmet need here, therefore, is the inability to find the means to be engaged in activities which fulfill them. These activities could include ways to contribute the wealth of knowledge that they have acquired over the years through various life experiences as well as to explore a new interest altogether. Currently, this problem is not well addressed for the subset of elderly who have limited or no access to physical inter-generational centers, community centers and large peer-groups. This subset of people includes those less social, those in developing countries which have limited and welfare infrastructure, and those with mobility issues. The existing stereotypes of the elderly being frail, useless, burdensome, lethargic and dependent are challenged by this need as a solution might provide them ample opportunity to contribute to society while being fulfilled.



Primary Research



  1. Examining the Long Term Effects of Leisure Education on a Sense of Independence and Psychological Well-Being Among the Elderly
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Mini Challenge 2 -The Problem Space

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