Primary Research

Primary research began in the wee hours of the morning.


Personal Interviews

We met 63 year old Mr. Nakulappa as he went out for his morning walk. He had worked as a manager at the signalling department for 40 years. He is retired now, however, he continues to work 9 hours a day at a private firm in order to keep himself occupied.

Even as he uses a smartphone, he still requires the help of his son to use services like Uber. While he uses technology like Skype to connect to his friends and family, he thinks a lot of the younger generation end up wasting a lot of time on Facebook and Whatsapp.

He was concerned about how a lot of the elderly remain idle most of the time and how this should be taken care of.


We met Mr. Kunal aged 70 years old who had come out for a walk as well. He wanted his life to now be peaceful, stress-free and happy. He considered people to remain as they were despite ageing, in the sense that those active will remain as such while others would become idle. He was quite well-informed emerging technology such as driver-less cars, but wasn’t sure about their future implications.



As we explored the theme, we prepared a short questionnaire so as to exact more insights from the elderly. The following questions were included in the questionnaire:

  1. How has the transition from a younger, working life to your current life  affected you?
  2. How do you maintain social connections?
  3. How do you keep updated with technology and news?
  4. What kind of physical activities do you usually engage in?
  5. What are the differences you find between today’s younger generation and when you were young?
  6. What are your goals and aspirations for the future?
Primary Research

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